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Your Contributions

As we help families, we will be posting their stories on how your contributions have made an impact on the life of a child.  You can also follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Elis-Heart/487016554665419


  • 2015 – The Perez family spent 18 months in the hospital with their son, Julian.  We were able to provide gas cards for Dad to travel back and forth to the hospital and cafeteria cards for Mom who stayed by Julian’s side the entire time.  Julian was able to go home in January 2016.  He is an amazing little boy with an amazing family.


  • December 2015 – We were able to provide a flight, hotel, and train home for this family.  Email from Mom .”No Thank You for getting us here where my daughter needed to be….without your assistance I don’t know if we would have made it…and to make sure we were all able to stay together and comfortable is more then a blessing…words can’t explain how much my family and I Thank You…God Bless You”.



  • October 2014 – We were able to assist the Kelly family with a hotel room as their son Luke is battling Leukemia (ALL).  You can follow this brave little boys fight at www.carepages.com , LukeKelly (one word).  Luke lost his battle with cancer February 2015 and it was absolutely heart breaking for us at Eli’s Heart.  We think about you everyday Luke!


  • September 2014 – The Elliott family was scheduled to spend 10 days in Charleston for their daughters, Carli,  second open heart surgery.   They only had to stay for 7 days, for which we were able to provide a hotel room.  The procedure went so well that there is hope that she will not need another surgery for “YEARS” which is a blessing.  You can follow her story at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Prayers-for-Carli-Elliott/266526986806232


  • June 2014 – While Eli was at CHOP (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia) having his adenoids removed, Eli’s Heart distributed eleven $120 restaurant gift cards to parents whose children were in the Cardiac ICU.  Getting out of the hospital for just 90 minutes is so helpful when dealing with all the emotions families go through.


  • March 2014 – From the Grimes Family, “We are so grateful for the Craig family and Eli’s Heart. They have generously helped us with some of the travel expenses for our daughter’s next open heart surgery. This will be her third open heart surgery and we are well aware of the cost involved with traveling several hours, back and forth from home to the hospital, in order to be together as a family. This is a wonderful organization and I highly recommended Eli’s Heart to other families facing expensive travel situations during heart surgery for their children. Eli’s Heart will have such a positive impact on the Down syndrome community. They really are changing lives!”  Christina Grimes is now a published author please see her book “Together, WE Can Do Anything” at: https://www.facebook.com/togetherwecandoanythingbook