Oscar's Story

Our newly adopted son was born at University of Pennsylvania Hospital on 12/28. We arrived here on 1/6/16 and signed the adoption papers. I just read on your site that you traveled to CHOP. While CHOP is fantastic, we live in Cincinnati and I work at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. We have 3 little girls at home too. We initially thought we would be able to drive him home, but his condition worsened, and looks like he will need open heart surgery soon (for VSD, PDA, and ASD).

Insurance would not approve our medical flight, so we are using an organization called “Grace on Wings”. Grace on Wings pays for a portion of the flight, but it will still cost us $8,000. We are fundraising for that and our $14,000 adoption placement fee. We are very fortunate and thankful that a generous friend paid $5,000 of the $8,000 for our medical flight today. We still need assistance with the remaining $3,000. I am not exactly sure what your organization might be able to provide, but we welcome any help on this adventure.

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