Piper's Story

“My name is Gia and my husband is Tim. We are both law enforcement officers located in New York. I am currently 35 weeks pregnant with a little girl named Piper Jae. Around 28 weeks on a routine ultrasound the doctor discovered that Piper Jae “PJ” had a two rare heart defects called Ebsteins Anomaly and another one called Pulmonary Atresia with severe regurgitation. On July 1, 2016 Piper was also diagnosed with SVT. Our daughter Piper will not be able to survive on her own when she is born, she will undergo open heart surgery to have somewhat of a normal life. We are overwhelmed keeping our house and life here in NY while paying Piper’s medical bills while I move to Boston to be monitored for the arrival of Piper. My husband Tim decided he is going to stay in NY and work because we cannot afford to live on one income. We reached out numerous community houses and homes with no luck of finding somewhere to stay less than $3400.00 per month. Working with Boston Children’s hospital, she introduced my story to Casey at Elis Heart Foundation. Eli’s Heart Foundation granted us money to pay towards our rent in Boston. This foundation has taken the worries and stress away from our financial burden with housing. We are forever grateful !!!!!!!!!!”

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